SkinPhD offers you a complete range of cosmeceutical skincare products that is clinically tested. Cruelty Free – Not tested on animals. Endorsed by leading Dermatologists. Performance retail and salon product that is affordable and is suitable for all skin types and tones. The skinPhD range proudly enters the skincare arena as a range made up of the best bio-active ingredients, putting it ahead as a fully-fledged ‘cosmeceutical’ skin care range. The bio-active ingredients found in skinPhD products have the ability to integrate deeply with the skin composite and thereby ensure remarkable, visible results on the skin surface. The products have been scientifically designed to maintain cell development to ensure elasticity and firm appearance. NOW available at 3 Salons in Centurion and selected stockists. Look out for the products coming to a salon near you soon. Facial Care: As a cosmeceutical range, our products rely on bio-active ingredients to provide beneficial changes in appearance of the skin, working beyond the skin surface to create true change. Special treatments: Specialised products targeting specific skin problems such as pigmentation, acne and oily skin, eczema and other medical conditions. Our special range of concentrates addresses the effect of cellular renewal and skin regeneration, improved barrier function and the stabilisation of collagen and elastin. Body Care: A result-driven range of products to reduce the appearance of cellulite, to restructure and tighten the skin and to reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks, improving your body contours, texture and tone. Performance: A prestige product specially formulated and dermatology tested providing high potency and cohesive solutions for healthy skin. skinPhD offers a cosmeceutical product range which is not only developed against a “problemsolution” positioning, but offers the perfect skin care range for consumers who seek to enhance their appearance and address the impacts of aging. Price: Caring for your skin has never been as affordable as with skinPhD. At our prices you can afford to look radiant and your beautiful self. skinPhD has recently launched a new range of anti-ageing skincare called PAUSEAGE. The range consists of 10 products that are a step-up in anti-ageing formulation from the base range but still holds all the values of the skinPhD Brand. Value, excellence, and integrity is at the core of our vision and we are proud to introduce you to experience the wonderful changes our products have to offer. Research and development of ingredients used in SkinPhD products was performed by leading Universities, Research Centers, and International companies from the USA, Switzerland, Germany and France. Development of SkinPhD products includes the latest scientific releases and information. A combination of unique raw materials imported globally and rich African extracts, together with the latest innovations in cosmetic technology are combined to create a product range that balances , nourishes and renews the skin. The products are formulated and manufactured in South Africa. The bio-actives also acts as a shield to negative elements trying to enter the skin outer layer such as free radicals in the air caused by pollution, chemicals and UV rays. SkinPhD products are intended to correct and balance the skin without aggression. Our formulators ensure that the ingredients used in our products will create positive changes in the skin through the use of ingredients that improve the skin’s barrier function, maintain healthy skin pH, reduce inflammatory conditions, and bring balance to the oil and water content of the skin. The benefits of the bio-actives found in SkinPhD: • Ensures natural plumping effect leading to glowing, younger looking skin • Increases firmness of the skin layer • Slows down the ageing effect and process in the skin • Works to repair and restore damaged skin • Increases the skin’s ability to protect itself from future harmful elements • Decreases inflammation in the skin caused by occurrences such as acne or breakouts • Works to repair sun damage and thereby restoring blemishes and an even skin tone • Decreases the appearance of enlarged pores and therefore restores even skin surface • Lessens toxins under the skin surface that leads to unwanted skin conditions such as cellulite Salon Benefits: • Be one of the very first stockists of a new skincare product in South Africa that has proven results. • A skincare range that has been developed in South Africa and successfully marketed and sold internationally. • Voted as the Best Anti-Ageing skincare product on the Doctor OZ show in America. • Clinical Tested and certified by The Dermalogical Society. • A full range of Professional Products at a highly subsidized prices. Affordable Insalon treatments and excellent margins on retail offerings. • Special opening order offers including training for your beauty therapists and staff. • Quarterly marketing support and Promotional graphics will be supplied for in salon special offers. • Retail stands are available on request.
SkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & MarketingSkinPhD Skincare Launch & Marketing