Covid-19 Lockdown has caused havoc for our lives and businesses but this time could be put to great use in creating a solid strategy for the rest of the year. Pre-planning communications and offers ahead of time so when your businesses are fully operational the plan can easily be rolled out.
We know financially this is tough and we are committed to helping you with payment plans to ensure successful partnering with us for better results in these uncertain times.

Sparkle Marketing Consultancy provides full service marketing management that will help your business and marketing efforts gain direction and grow awareness of your brand or product.
Through the creation of creative bright and original ideas that have a turnkey approach and aim to meet the business or brand objectives, we can help you bring back the MAGIC!

Tailor made packages to suit your needs and requirements. 
Creative Bright & Original Ideas that have a Turnkey Approach.

Napoleon Hill once said "People buy your personality and ideas long before they buy your products and services". A brand can mean many different things to different people but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at where the brand currently is positioned in the market place and where it wants to go and how do we get there with a plan of action.

A strategic marketing plan that outlines the brand essence, mission, vision and then pairs all promotional activities together to create one single minded message that pushes the brand forward is key. Building affiliates with other business in the market or suppliers to reinforce the brands reliability and reputation can strengthen all marketing efforts and ensure your target customers are reached effectively.

The strategic marketing plan also guides your employees towards one consistent goal and sets targets to achieve your success!

We will help you link all of these parts together to drive your business and brand forward.


6 X 300mm Round Floor Decals - "Please stand here"
6 X 750mm x 85mm Rectangle Floor Decals - "Please stand here"
6 X 400mm X 280mm ABS Sign Boards - Various notice messages
1 X Counter Shield
1 X X-Frame Banner Notice
6 X Hand Sanitizers 70% Alcohol (250ml each)

TOTAL R3999 including VAT

Stand out from the Competition and Communicate your brand cost effectively.

CORPORATE GIFTING – Interesting branding options and gifts for increased share of your customers mind and preferences.

Customised Gifts & Hampers

POINT OF SALE - Creative designs that open great opportunities and engage your customer. Reinforce your brand essence with unique and solid communication at various touch points to interact with your customer.

Fresh Solutions that Grow Success via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Magazines, Newspapers and more.

In today's world your business or product needs to stand out, engage your customers, create a conversation that allows you to adapt your approach and build your business.

Consumers have become selective of the media they chose via social pages, newsletters and portals. Your brand needs to create value in the minds of the target audience for them to take notice of your special offer, discount, new product or company and emphasise your competitive edge.

DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT - encompasses all digital forms of media and platforms of communication to interact online.

Website Development in a Content Management System
Online Marketing through the use of banners on specific websites and community forums & platforms
e-mailers & Newsletters
Blog Management – Set up of the blog, article writing, responding to users
Set up and linking of your social media accounts i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest and so on.

CONVENTIONAL MEDIA - Various national and community newspapers, magazines, billboards, street poles, radio, TV, Public Relations (Press Releases and relationship building). Media that showcase your brand in a specific area assist in getting your message across to the targeted consumer to promote a change in habits or call to action.

There are many different avenues your brand could explore and to fit a reasonable budget.
Leveraging Public Relations with relevant press members and maximising exposure of the brand to get free exposure that is newsworthy to the publications target market about your brand/product/service.
These two media groups must work harmoniously and build on each other to get maximum results and return on investment. This will create more customers for your business through the turnkey marketing approach to really push your message on multiple platforms.

Your business needs you to run the daily operations, let us worry about the marketing tasks you don't get to daily and provide detailed success reports on each media channel you decide to utilise.

Let us SAVE YOU TIME! As a business owner we help strategise your brands and implement and manage the ideas we generate together for a minimal monthly or once off fee.

Targeted Approach that is Market Specific Activations to achieve your business objectives.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Is the status of your programme or project keeping you awake at night?
You might need another helping hand on the project or a fresh set of ideas to overcome a hurdle and Sparkle Marketing Consultancy could fill this gap and assist in completing the project timeously and on brief.

EVENT MANAGEMENT – Do you have a product but don't know how to take it to market or get the most out of launching it to your current customers and spark the interest of new customers? When delivering events, our focus is always on understanding the broader context of the brand and marketing strategies. Events do not generally take place in isolation. They are a part of a bigger business picture. Our value comes in understanding the strategic considerations underpinning the fundamental reasons for the event taking place in the first place, and in delivering creatively exciting solutions that deliver the key messages effectively and efficiently to the target audience.

We will source the right location, invite press members, manage the event logistics and ensure you have peace of mind that it will be a success.

  • Product/Brand Launches
  • Staff Incentives and Wellness Programs - Fresh solutions that will help energise your staff to reach targets and build your business.
  • Team Building
  • Year-end Functions
  • Charity Drives and Fund Raisers
  • Golf & Adventure Days
  • In-store & Intersection Promotions
When we create a website for our clients, we first of all seek to clearly understand their business plan and marketing strategy, so that we can comprehend precisely what the website is required to do.
We spend a lot of time working out the best way to help audiences to click through the website as seems most natural and logical for their needs, and to ensure that they can hop in and out of different areas with ease.
We have access to a wide variety of Winter Clothing from quality brands. Ensure your team are representing your brand correctly with customized and branded caps, beanies, shirts, jackets, body warmers and even face masks. Safe and convenient delivery.

If you need a new brand identity, or a new brochure, or an exciting new digital sales presentation, or a display stand for an exhibition, or ideas for a direct marketing and advertising campaign, or anything else to improves the sales and marketing of your business give us a call. We will be able to help not just to deliver what you need, but to deliver something that works.

When it comes to our design we sit down with clients to discuss their requirements in great detail before we pick up a pen or a mouse. We ask difficult questions to ensure that there is complete clarity in terms of objectives, audience and the core proposition underlying the products and services involved. We also have a clear design brief that will assist us and the client to get the most out of our virtual design meetings.